Wild Soul

"Wild Soul" by Lewis Lavoie

“Wild Soul” by Lewis Lavoie

I don’t want to get preachy… and this may not be your experience or your preference in how you see your life or your creativity.  I needed to share this though, as it has profoundly affected my creativeness in the past few months.

Our pastor at the church I attend just recently finished a sermon series on the Wild Soul.  He explains that a wild soul is spirit filled.  He goes on to explain that it is our soul that should be the director of our decisions and our life.  Most people are guided by situations with one of these four avenues: your mind, your ego, your will, or your emotions.  The soul in these instances is shy and we use one of these other ways to help guide us through.  For example, I tend to react to things using my emotions and if that doesn’t work I use my will.  Decisions, reactions, and plans are all built by using my emotions first and then if that doesn’t work I FORCE it to work with my will.  My husband on the other hand says he usually uses his mind and then maybe his ego.  No matter how you proceed through life, my pastor’s thought is that it should be the SOUL first and always that guides you.

The concept of the soul being wild then is the ability to get your soul out of hiding.  There were many ways in which he described over the past 8 or 9 weeks to help bring your soul out of hiding that I won’t go into here.  The bottom line is that if we continue to hide our soul and are using our will, or ego, or emotions or our mind as the control tower of our life, we kind of miss the point in living a true life, a Christian filled life.

This is what inspired the creation of this blog (hence the name wildcreativesoul).  I believe my creativeness comes from my soul, from God, and I have hidden it for a big chunk of my life.  I am working on the wildness, not only in my life as a whole but also with my creativity.  I feel my life is becoming richer because of this change!

My church is filled with creative people.  We have many worship teams with musicians and singers, we have cooks and bakers (all whom are very creative and donate their creations to people who have need), we have quilters, as well as many other artists.  One artist, Lewis Lavoie, is a painter that I have had the privilege of watching do live paintings.  On the day of the final sermon in this series, Lewis did another live painting during the service to show us his version of the “Wild Soul”.  I can’t rightly explain all that Lewis envisioned when he painted this as I would not be able to do it justice, but he did say that sometimes he feels we live in a zombie generation, caught up in life as zombies, but what we are attracted to is the “alive” person, the person with the wild soul.  This person stands out amongst  all of the grey.

I had to share it, as to me it depicts where I hope one day to be.   Check out more of Lewis Lavoie stuff at his website here.


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