Welcome to my Home – Wreath

I love my new house!   Well I guess it is not new any more as we have lived here 10 months, but it feels new to me.  We have a lovely open area when you first walk in.  This can be good and bad though because when you walk in you can see just how good a house keeper I am (or NOT), but I find it welcoming and inviting after you make it through the front door.

Outside my front door, it is not as exciting… as a matter of fact I find the front of our house completely lacking ANY character at all.  There is barely any front yard and no garden.  We decorated a bit with lights at Christmas and I managed to find some “fake” evergreen garland to wrap around the railing on the stairs.  I decided it needed more!

So I did what every person does when they want to decorate… I went to Pinterest! I found a lot of brilliant ideas but one that spoke to me was the burlap wreath.  Not only could it be used at Christmas, but with a few simple changes I could change it with the seasons.

My first step was hunting down burlap.  For you city dwellers with easy access to a Michael’s or other craft supply store this would be an easy chore.  For me, in December, it was a bit more difficult.  Some of you may suggest to do more online shopping, which is a great idea except that usually when I decide to do something I can’t wait until something arrives by mail!  I’m a bit impatient!  Anyway, I finally found some burlap in Canadian Tire, they had some out for people who need to wrap their small trees in the winter because of our frigid temperatures!  It worked for me!  I cut it up and weaved in on an old wire coat hanger.

Making a burlap wreath with a coat hanger

Making my wreath by wrapping burlap around an old wire coat hanger.

(I am not a great photographer.  If I was, I would have a better backdrop and no cuppa tea in the shot!)

For the next part, I cheated!  I had this Christmas wall hanging thing (the technical term) that had ribbon and some pine cones on it that looked perfect, so I fastened it on the front of the burlap and VOILA… instant festive wreath!   I kind of like the rustic unkempt look.  Nothing too polished which makes the burlap perfect!

Christmas Wreath , burlap

Christmas Wreath hanging on my door.

Then it was time for Easter wreath.  We still have LOTS of snow around here at Easter time, so it seemed too early for a full spring wreath.  But I did “spring” it up a bit by adding a few flowers, and then some plastic Easter eggs.  Oh, and I had some raffia string (I think that is what you call it) and added a bow on the front.  I loved this one.  Fun!

Easter Wreath in burlap

Easter wreath on my front door

For spring I didn’t change it up much.  I took off the eggs and added a little blue bird which I found at a craft store on a trip into the city.  I also bought some more burlap (better quality crafting burlap)because after a while it seems to settle and get sparse in places!  I would have kept the eggs if they had been “real” looking.  The plastic colorful eggs look great for Easter, but for spring seemed too cutesy!

Spring Wreath with burlap, flowers and decorative bird.

Spring wreath on my front.  Isn’t the bird sweet?

Now I need some ideas for summer.  I will likely take to Pinterest again and see what inspires me.

Do you have any ideas?



What are you thinking?