Website Design, Blogging, Facebook pages and Other Such Nonsense

I have always called myself a jack of all trades, master of nothing. It used to, 20 years ago, cause me great distress! I was supposed to be awesome at something! As it turns out, I am good at a lot of things, and become an “expert” in anything I want depending on my interests. And now, thanks to the World Wide Web, I can share it with everyone!

My latest creative endeavour is website building. I am not a professional website designer and I couldn’t write in code if my life depended on it… But since starting this blog, I have come quite intrigued by creating a digital footprint.

After starting this blog I started my own business/practice as a doula. Part of my promotion of my business was to create a website. I found the experience fun and exciting, partially because I am pumped about my new career path, and partially because I could create in a very new way! Obviously the hope is that I will have scads of traffic and drum up tons of birth clients, but it will likely take some time. This type of website, although fun to create, needs very little upkeep from me – at least until things change in my business. Until then, it is just there!

In the interim, I discovered some income potential in building websites based on personal interests. I started a website all about essential oils,, which is a bit of a hobby of mine. I research, design and add content as often as humanly possible so that I can get a bit of traffic to the site with the hope of one day making some money. I find pictures, take pictures, film videos all on this topic in hopes of sharing information. I find the process quite creative, and I love it. This is obviously not some get rich quick scheme… As to date I may have made $0.82 (and it cost me more than that to start up!) but it has the potential to fill a few needs, making some money AND allowing me to be creative! What could be better!

In order to generate interest in both of those websites, I have had to create some social media interest. Both of those pages are also found as Facebook pages and (like are linked to a Twitter account LinkedIn profile or an Instagram or Pintrest account. This has been fun to do as well, and it requires me to put thought into updates as often as possible. It’s good – and one more way I can create. I really do love it! The downside is now I have far too many usernames, passwords and accounts to remember!

People have probably been doing this for years and I am slowly getting on the band wagon! But now that I am here it onwards and upwards for me!



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