The Creative Vegetable Garden of 2015

I call it creative gardening, but really it is just a vegetable garden.  My first fully planned vegetable garden.  I wrote about the planning here in “The Joy of Planting” and wanted to show you my progress.

I had spent a lot of time on Pinterest this winter (it felt like a LLLOONNG winter) and I found some cool ways to plant seeds.   (Check out my Pinterest boards here.) I gathered some toilet paper rolls and some paper egg cartons to plant my seeds in and got to work.

Here are some pictures of my efforts…

Loads of fun!

Then, I re-arranged my whole living room so that the table could be in the front window so the seeds could grow!

Then a miracle happened!  The snow melted!

Ok, that isn’t actually a miracle because it happens every year.  But the snow being gone meant that I could get outside and weed the ACTUAL vegetable garden.  This is a new house to us, and to be honest I didn’t much care about the garden last fall, so it was a bit of a mess!

Now the garden is mostly ready.  I will still need to pull out weeds occasionally because I let the weeds go to seed in the fall, but it looks much better.  The bad news is though, that I will need to wait until the 3rd week of May in order to plant my new seedlings  That is when it is least likely to frost again (did I mention I live in NORTHERN Canada?).

So here they are now…

To be honest, the broccoli and the tomatoes are NOT growing well at all!  I think the egg cartons are not as good as the toilet paper rolls.  I am not too fussed about it though because I will get bedding plants if these don’t pick up in the next 3-4 weeks.

I will also be planting peas, beans, carrots, and potatoes to name a few.  I have some hollyhock seeds from a plant I had at my last house that I hope grow too.  There is also a beautiful area for some LARGE sunflowers.  It is going to look marvellous!  We are hoping to do some camping this summer so I better consider who is going to water these babies in July!

I also started some herbs inside.  I hope to move them outside when the weather is warm enough too.  I am having mixed results on them though.  The lavender and mint are barely growing (and I suspect they are actually weeds from the potting soil – does that happen?) but the cilantro, and parsley are growing like crazy.  The basil… well, it is pretty tiny but maybe just needs some time!

So that is it!  I will update with more pictures once it is all outside!

Happy Vegetable Garden-ing to you!


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