Website Design, Blogging, Facebook pages and Other Such Nonsense

I have always called myself a jack of all trades, master of nothing. It used to, 20 years ago, cause me great distress! I was supposed to be awesome at something! As it turns out, I am good at a … Continue reading

The Creative Side to Starting a New Business

So I decided early last fall to quit my life and start fresh. Dun, dun Duuuunnn! Okay, that sounds very dramatic, but in essence I decided what I was doing wasn’t enough. I love my creative side and wanted to … Continue reading

Feeling Alive!

I have been feeling pretty guilty lately about my creativity.  Since the completion of NaNOWriMo I stopped everything… or so it seemed.  I diligently wrote my novel almost everyday for a month, tried to make blog posts once a week, … Continue reading