Sun and Water Creativity Challenge

Creativity Challenge

As many of you know, back in January I decided to have a creativity challenge so I would do something creative every month. A way for me to keep creative all year, try new things and maybe learn something.  I am behind, horribly, and this next post may actually be considered cheating!  It is my challenge and so I don’t care.

Here is the challenge, for those of you keeping score!

Wild Creative Soul's Creativity Challenge 2017

Create something each month of the year!

Sun and Water

For June I was to create something with sunshine and for July I was supposed to create something to do with water.  Now it’s September.  In an effort to catch up I creatively put the two together!

It was a beautiful fall afternoon and the sun was shining through my large front window.  I have a coffee table with some plants on it that made a lovely setting.  I put my yoga ball as a chair and it made a spectacular place to paint.  Set up complete.

Wild Creative Soul Work Space for the Creativity Challenge

My sunny work space

I have always wanted to learn how to paint with watercolours.  THE WATER.   I have not been a painter or a draw-er.   This is something I would like to be able to do and I believe anything you want to learn just takes practice.  The less natural talent, the more practice required!  Using what I had, the shadow from the plants, I could start my creation. THE SUNSHINE.

Shadows help me to paint

The sun and shadow on my paper created a template of what to paint

I started to paint.  I originally wanted a book to “learn” how to watercolour.  After seeing the cost of a book though, I decided to check out the World Wide Web to find some basic painting tutorials.  Mainly, it was from Pinterest.  I love Pinterest and I think my research made me somewhat successful.

Watercolour by Wild Creative Soul

I started with the shadow leaves and then kept going!

The Final Product

Here it is, final product.  Everything except the signature, which is child like at best, I kind of like!  And it was fun!

Watercolour creativity challenge by Wild Creative Soul

Pay no attention to the signature!

There it is!  My cheating sun and water combined June and July Creativity Challenge 2017!   Not bad, right?

Now, can I combine August and September before the end of the month and really catch-up??


What are you thinking?