So You Want to start a Blog?

Do you have a business?  You need a blog.  Do you want to be a writer?  You should have a blog.  Do you have something to sell?  You should have a blog.  Have some expertise on something?  You should have a blog!

More and more I heard about the blogging world and became curious.  I used to think it was only an elite few who could make it in the online world, but the truth is LOTS of people do it.  So does that mean the market is saturated with bloggers?  Maybe, but I tend to find that there is something out there for everyone, which means there is room for YOUR unique perspective on life too!


Wild Creative Soul – I posted my first blog post EVER in September 21, 2012 and it was a journey that has taken over my life!  I wanted to do some writing and all the “how to become a writer” advice said that you should build a platform in which to BRAND yourself as a writer – and blogging was a good way to accomplish it!  I wasn’t (and still am not) worried about my platform or my visibility in order to publish.  For me it was more of a way to connect with others in a similar situation as me and to PRACTICE writing!  It was my first ever online experience, besides Facebook, and it lit a fire that isn’t going away any time soon.

Erin’s Doula Services – I have since created a website for my Doula business.  Any sort of research on increasing your SEO or starting a new business it is recommended that you blog on your website.  I don’t yet blog on this site because I just don’t feel like I have enough of a voice yet in that industry to have anything unique to share!  But I might one day!

My GREEN Soul – My newest website addition is all about trying to be more eco-friendly and green.  I thought that now that I had learned a few lessons in this blogging world,  I might do a better job on starting thist blog.  It has only been live for a few weeks, so time will tell!

Essential Oils and You – I had a blog called that was all about essential oils (obviously).  The domain name is still mine but I forwarded it to My GREEN Soul.  My hope is to incorporate some of the knowledge I learned about oils into my new environmentally friendly blog!  There were lots of reasons why I chose to mix the two, but the main reason was the original platform for EOAU was pretty funky.  It was user-friendly but set up mainly to be an INCOME source on not a blog.   I would love to make money on my sites but my main goal was (and is) to write, share and blog, not to be an online store.  Hence the forward to My GREEN soul.

One might think I had an addiction to blogging, and I don’t really.  I just enjoy writing about the things that are going on in my life.  I hope at one point, I will make a difference by helping other people and maybe make a bit of an income to help my family.  I did start this blog business all wrong, but I am learning and hopefully it is getting better as I go!

So, because I love blogging, and maybe you want to know more, I decided to share some of the BEST resources I have found!  These people have walked this walk before me and have so much to offer.


The Art of Work by Jeff Goins

The writer and blogger Jeff Goins has written a wonderful book called “The Art of Work” which I highly recommend.  If you are at all wondering what to do with your life, or want to ensure you are on the right track this book is a MUST.  After reading his book I got into his blog posts, podcasts and webinars and I learn something every time.  His stuff has been truly helpful.



People Over Profit by Dale Partridge

Dale Partridge is the writer of the Daily Positive blog and an incredible entrepreneur.  He has made an amazing life doing what he loves, on his terms, and he is quite successful at it.  He just wrote a book called “People Over Profit” which I am excited to read one day soon!  He is definitely inspirational!  If you want to be excited, inspired and make a difference, he is your guy!



Building a Framework book* Abby Lawson and Just a Girl and her Blog is another fantastic resource on many day-to-day things, but she is also a great resource on setting up and executing a highly successful blog.  She wrote (and just updated) a book called Building a Framework: The Ultimate Blogging Handbook that inspired me to go to a self hosted and hopefully an income producing site!  I LOVE her stuff and highly, highly, highly recommend it, especially if you are wanting to set up your own blog, the right way!

* And last but certainly NOT least is Leonie Dawson.  If you like zany, funny and good practical business and writing advice this is your gal.  I bought her 2015 Workbooks which I love for goal setting and future planning, and I hope to one day enroll in her Amazing Biz and Life Academy.  She always has fun advice to share.  Check her out!


So these people have helped me get to this place!  I am not a world-class blogger making an amazing income from writing. Yet.  But one day, maybe.  I am enjoying what I am doing, and I love learning how to do it more creatively and successfully!

Do you have any other resources to share?  Please do!!


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