Screw ups and Other Updates

Have you ever had that one project that just sucked?

I have.  I was so excited about this project because I stepped outside of the box and bought a stand alone pattern, and picked out the fabric myself.  Up until this point in my quilting career (haha) I was a kit kind of girl, so I was thought I was going to be fabulous!  But the amount of screw ups on this particular project has led me to believe it wasn’t meant to be!

I had decided to make each of my kids a quilt a few years ago and I immediately found the perfect fabric.  For my son I had found some Dr Seuess… timeless and he would not ever get too old for it.  For my youngest daughter I had found Fairy Fabric.  This was two years ago, she was about 7, it suited her perfectly and I figured it would continue to suit her for many years to come.  See the post I did after I bought the fabric here.

The lovely ladies at the quilt store helped me find a pattern (I am only NOW thinking I could quilt without one, but at the time… patterns were all I could manage)  and they helped me pick out the amount of fabric I needed.  Part of the fabric was a panel of fairies that I would cut out and be the larger squares of the quilt and the smaller squares would be comprised of other fairy fabric.

Fairy Quilt Fabric

Fairy Quilt Fabric

I got to work cutting.  There was a lot of little pieces, squares mostly and it before long I realized that I didn’t have enough of the background fabric.  It may have been because I didn’t buy enough of it, but most likely it was because I did a bad job of cutting the fabric and probably lost too much to waste. So, like most things, I lost my momentum and put it aside.  The first of my screw ups.


A few months later, I went looking for the fabric that I was short on and could not find it.  I tried a couple of fabric stores but had no luck.  I guess I could have asked for someone to bring it in or something but kept thinking I could salvage it all somehow.

Many months later, and after our move, I decided to pull it out again.  I finished my top secret project (more on that later) and I was feeling pretty proud of myself so I figured my success would be guaranteed.  I still didn’t have all the fabric I needed, but I figured I could make the quilt smaller or just add another border.  Or something.  It would all work out in the end.

fairy fabric quilt coming together

Coming together but I don’t really like it…

I pulled out the cut fabric and started to put it together.  The more I sewed, the less I liked it.  The fabric seemed juvenile and no longer really suited my daughter.  Another of my screw ups because if I had stuck to it and finished this project 2 years ago, when I bought it, then at least she could have enjoyed it for a couple of years.


“No worries” I thought “I will finish it up and find someone to give it to someone else.

BUT as I started sewing some of the rows together… this happened.

Mismatched seams on quilt

Can you see the seams not matching up? And this was the best one… it got worse!


Do you see it?  NOTHING matches up!  So I started to try and fix it… cut off a bit on this end and try to match up seems as I sewed and it got worse and worse and worse.  How can squares end up so very badly mismatched!?  All I can figure is that I cut it BADLY! VERY VERY BADLY!





Ernest Hemingway said “Write drunk, edit sober.”  Well that may be good advice for writers but terrible advice for sewing.  “Cut drunk, sew sober.” I think that is what I’ve done!  At least that is what it looks like.

Red wine and glass

I guess drinking this is not the best way to get a quilt done!








So after the final screw up, I am done!  Officially giving up on this cursed project and moving on.  I feel a bit bad about it, as I have spent a good deal of money on the fabric so far have no results.  And it isn’t like I can salvage much as I ‘ve already badly cut the fabric into teeny tiny chunks.  Also, I based my son’s quilt and bought the fabric using the same pattern and so now I am worried that this may not go well either.  I don’t even really like the pattern anymore.  Not sure how I will get around that…


I joined a “Snapshots Quilt Along” on Facebook (check it out here), hosted by Fat Quarter Shop.  It’s a block of the month kind of deal that I am now 3 months behind on!  I was going to try to use some scraps that I had in my fabric bin but as it turns out I don’t have enough of colors that go together well… so off to the quilt shop I go this week!

YEAH!  Light at the end of the tunnel.  I’ll post the blocks here once I complete them.  This time I will try to be more diligent in my cutting.  And maybe drink less wine!


PS – Big reveal on my top secret project coming after the 1st week of April  It is a gift for my mom (who occasionally reads my blog) but I am  pretty pumped about it!  Here is a hint!


Fabric for my tops secret sewing project!

The fabric for my secret sewing project. It’s beautiful!


(Wine glass photo from photo credit: Red wine via photopin (license))


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