I love to read… a lot!  I like to read what other recommend and this was a book that had been recommended by many!

Cover of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

I am not a person who is seeking GREAT riches.  I did not pick up this book to become rich in some easy quick way!  But many entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and business moguls have read and recommended this book and so I needed to check it out!

What does that have to do with procrastination, you ask?  Well this is something I struggle with on a daily basis.  I don’t make decisions quickly or often.  I ask for many opinions and then try to make a “collective” decision.

The truth is, successful people make decisions quickly and don’t change their minds – or if they do, they decide on changes slowly!  That is what one of the chapters talks about in this book!

To be successful (I believe in any endeavour, not just in piling up CASH!) is the art of MAKING a decision and NOT procrastinating.

It doesn't matter

Procrastination is the opposite of a decision

Timely for me to read this chapter of the book.  I always thought that my procrastination was about me being lazy.  REALLY though, it is about my unwillingness to make a decision.  I am passive aggressive at best and wait for things to happen around me.  I think this hampers my creative abilities AND stops me from moving ahead.

So I vow to start making decisions, in anything!

A little example… “Honey, where do you want to go for dinner?”

I used to respond “It doesn’t matter, wherever”.  Now it will be “I want to go________”


“I could do this  or this or this today” but often don’t get anything done!

This is my biggest problem with my list making!  I love lists, but most of my projects don’t have a time limit or any “urgency” to them so I don’t necessarily have to do them TODAY!  So I can never decide WHAT to do and end up doing nothing!  So now I will try to JUST pick something… anything!   In Leonie Dawson’s workbooks (see post here) she suggests MIT’s or Most Important Tasks list.  Maybe if I prioritize the non urgent list and make some decisions as to when they should be accomplished I might finally get things done by eliminating too MANY ideas with no urgency!


I have loads of creative ideas, entrepreneurial ideas, writing ideas but never decide to anything about them.  I stew on them, ask others opinions on them, wait for the sun to rise in the exact right location in the sky before proceeding!  I need to just decide, no opinions needed, no permission needed, win or lose, fail or succeed – as Nike would say JUST DO IT!

So that is my current work in progress.   To make DECISIONS and stop procrastinating.

I will start tomorrow!

Hahaha!  Just kidding – probably.

I will start NOW!


PS Lewis Carroll quote – photo credit: alice-fork-road1920x1080 via photopin (license)

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