Nature out my back door

Nature, I’ve missed you!

We’ve moved.  I think I mentioned it in my last post, but we have finally arrived and settled in.  While it is not my ideal location, or my ideal home and it is no where near our forever home (military families… Is there such a thing?) it is nestled in the most lovely little forested area you can imagine.

Our last house was in a newer subdivision, so we had NO trees!  NONE. I created lovely gardens and had 2 wonderful deck areas with potted plants and assorted decor.  I even had a bird house with a family of barns swallows that came back every spring, but I was missing the trees.

In our new home, there are trees and flowers and animals and… Well, nature.  We have trees in our yard so big that when you look out the bedroom window, it’s like you live in a tree fort. And the forest behind us, cleverly disguising a highway, is big and green and beautiful!  I woke up at 2am the other day to hear 2 owls hooting behind my house!  I love it.

While I was out for a walk looking for creative inspiration this morning, I took some pictures of the boundless nature around me to share with all of you. Being in Northern Canada, fall is starting so don’t be too depressed by the dull gray weather or the falling leaves. It is my favourite season and I just hope it’s a long wait before the white stuff falls from the sky.

Nature Pictures

taken with my iPhone – photography is not my best skill just FYI

As far as inspiration goes, I found it.  Stay tuned for posts on weaving with a stick, framing felt projects with sticks and a terrarium!


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