It’s been a long time old friend!

Yes, it’s been awhile but I offer no apologies!  Life has been busy with a new puppy, too many jobs, Christmas and well… Life. To be honest it is only recently that I have even realized how much I missed sharing on my blog.  I don’t have a lot of followers (hello to you select few special people!) so sometimes I wonder why I do this!  I do it because I LOVE it!  So I shall continue to share when the mood strikes!

So let’s jump right in with what’s new!

I haven’t done a lot of quilting lately, especially after my Christmas tree skirt debacle!  It’s a story for another day but let me just say that it was an expensive epic fail that I am still trying to mentally recover from. I love quilting.  It’s a challenge that I love, but when I screw up it deflates me so much that I just get stuck.  My daughter has taken quilting in school and I said that no matter how tempting it would be to swear at your machine, she was not old enough to do so yet!  Anyway, even though I have not quilted, it hasn’t stopped me from dreaming (and shopping) for new projects.  But just because I have no quilts to show you of my own, doesn’t mean I am not going to brag about my daughters quilts!  She is 13 and quilting was an option she could take this year.  I think she really enjoyed it. Here are the two table runners she made!

table runner

Made by the delightfully lovely Iris!

table runner

Iris’ 1st table runner!

A budding creative genius if I do say so myself!

I have been busy though, despite my lack of quilts.  I have decided to learn a few new skills… Including needle felting. I am mostly just playing around but I have to say I love it.

Needle felting

This was my first attempt. I created it based on a picture I took last year.

Hummingbird, Narwahl, Owl

I can’t say these are my favorites… besides what do you do with them once they are created!

Needle felting

I love these and they were fun. The tree with the blossoms has some embroidery too!

Needle felting tea cup

Totally love this!! And it was fun to do!

Trying Something New!

I also tried some paper quilling!  When I mentioned it to my mom she said “well there is a useless craft” and at the time I totally agreed with her, I just wanted to try it.  And I have to say it’s a lot of fun. Again I am not too sure what to do with it but I had to try!

Paper quilling

Daisy – created by paper quilling on card stock

Paper quilling

Paper quillled treble clef on card stock.

paper quilling

He’s cute…

Paper quilled owl card

I liked the owl so much I made him into a card!

So there you have it! I’ve been very busy creating – leaving me no time to share! I am having fun doing some art journal stuff and trying some other fibre art type projects too. I will attempt o share when I produce something shareable!Here’s to a CREATIVE summer!


4 thoughts on “It’s been a long time old friend!

  1. Your projects all turned out adorable! I love the table runners too. I need to find a source for needle felting supplies! There are so many adorable things you can make with needle felting.

    • I agree… Which is why I got addicted so easily! I just ordered from an etsy shop called The Paper Finch Company out of Edson for some fresh supplies. I’ll let you know when they arrive how it goes!

  2. I love the little teacup! I did a lot of paper quilting for a while in high school! Made many a Christmas card!

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