Journal Crazy

The Art of the Journal

It started as an obsession with felting.  I decided I wanted to learn how to needle felt and wet felt. I love it, but I wanted something to “do” with my projects when they were done so that they would be useful.

Enter the journal.

The first journal I did was a wet felted piece, my first wet felted piece.  I loved the way it turned out and wanted to display it somehow.  Coincidentally, I was finishing the last few pages of my personal journal so I decided to use this piece to make the cover of my new one!

The hunt began and I looked everywhere for the old Composition notebooks made with cardboard covers and couldn’t find them anywhere! Have I ever mentioned that I live in a really SMALL town?  I did find this red plastic one and being impatient decided to use it.  It works but I much prefer the cardboard ones.  In the end, I will likely sell or give away this journal as I made another one I like more!

I posted pictures of the above journal on my Facebook page and people liked them and it got me to thinking… Maybe I should make a few! And sell them on Etsy?

The search began to find the actual Composition notebooks. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Composition notebooks

I love online shopping!

My next project was going to be a rainbow wet felted piece as a friend of mine mentioned she thought it would look awesome.


I won’t even show you a picture of that wet felted piece.  My grade 5’er told me that first of all, the colours were in the wrong order.  I thought it looked like a kindergarten drawing.  It was epically terrible so therefore, I scrapped it! I will try the wet felting again and maybe even attempt another rainbow but now onto something new!

My next attempt I decided to make a mixed media or fibre art journal.  This one used fabric and needle felting.  The bird is made of pottery  and my mom gave it to me.  It is so cute, but it didn’t have a home so I incorporated it onto the cover.  I will keep this journal for sure.

Well one thing led to another and I made yet another one with paper and ribbon and embroidery floss too.  This one is fabulous to me although probably a little rough to the outside world.  This attempt gave me so many more ideas on how to enhance the pages to make them more “art journal” and less “writing” journal, and how to embellish with ribbons or buttons or whatever.  I can’t wait to experiment with this some more!

By the way,  “Savour” is my word of the year and that made this journal pretty special to me too.  This journal is currently being used to gather my notes on my next novel.  Yes it’s true, I am writing another novel! You can check out inspiration pictures that I am gathering on my Pinterest board!

My next journal I think is going to involve a vintage hankie… Yes siree, a hankie!

So there it is, my latest craze, The Journal.  Any ideas on what else I should try for the journals because I do have a box of composition notebooks to use up!



What are you thinking?