Harvesting Herbs

As I have shared a lot over the past few months, I have taken up gardening!  I have been quite excited about this and am planning a HUGE harvest (I hope)!

I also started some herbs indoors and then recently found an herb pot filled with “tea” herbs for my back deck!  With all of these herbs that won’t last forever I needed away to preserve them for future use!

Pinterest was filled with thousands of ways to preserve your herbs and one such way was to dry them. I do not have a food dehydrator (although if this keeps up I might get one), and the thought of having my oven on for hours at a time in the summer seems ridiculous (I don’t have air conditioning).   I saw some neat ideas on hanging your harvested herbs to dry but at present I don’t have a safe spot to do that!

So I decided to make a drying screen. Super easy, and hopefully I can preserve some of my herbs for when I need them.

First, I found an old picture frame that currently wasn’t being used. I pulled out the back and the glass.  I also had some door screen for our trailer and found my hot glue gun.


herb drying screen supplies

The supplies I need for my herb drying screen

Then I cut the screen to fit and hot glued it into the frame.

And voila! It’s done!

herb drying scree

DIY herb drying screen is done!

Herb drying screen

Herbs next to my “tea” herb pot!

Currently it is up on the highest shelf of my pantry to dry some herbs that I cut today. We will see how it goes.

Here’s to great herbs!



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