Garden Update

So back here in this post (The Creative Vegetable Garden of 2015) I showed you some of the new ways I was going to start my garden this year and I wanted to do a quick post to update you on my progress.  It is slow, and I am not known for my patience.  And keep in mind as I show you my garden, you will see lots of green things… 87.2% of it being weeds – again!  I do weed frequently, but it seems to be a never-ending battle.  BUT it is coming and I can’t wait to see the bounty it provides.  I have BIG visions, I hope the reality matches my expectations!

Vegetable garden in progress

The whole view. Most of that green is weeds!

I am so excited to see what this will all look like in a month.  We’ve had some fairly DRY conditions so I have been watering the garden as much as I think is appropriate.  I don’t want to be wasteful with water, and I also am scared to drown them!

And on my back deck…

hanging baskets on fence

Hanging baskets (and a couple of home made bird feeders!)

Then there is my front yard.  IT IS SOOOOO BORING!  There is a small patch of grass and a large driveway.  That is it!  No garden, no trees, no personality.  Unfortunately, we do not have the money this year to do anything drastic so I took to Pinterest and found some ideas based on what I had sitting in my shed!  I am pleased with the efforts and again have visions of those pots overflowing with color and height to fill in the big empty white space!

front creative garden ideas

Trying to re-create some Pinterest ideas!

My husband just had to build little side fences to keep our dog contained, and he surprised himself at his technical know how, so maybe I can convince him to put in a small built-in garden against the wall.  My worry is all that space… it is about 5 feet from the ground to the window… so if the garden is too close to the ground, it will look ridiculous.  So, I need to give it some thought.  This works for now, although hubby complains he has too much stuff to move and weed wack around!

So that is it!  The great garden of 2015!  I am in love with my outdoor space. I am hoping that it fills in nicely so that I can have a wonderful veggies, color, and nature views very soon!  Cross your fingers.



Oh yeah!  I almost forgot.  I decided that I wanted to grow fresh herbs this year.  I did plant some from seed, but not all of it grew.  The ones I have started as seed are basil, cilantro, and parsley.  Then some I bought as seedlings – lavender, mint, lemon balm and rosemary.  I had planned to use them just fresh but now I am doing some research on harvesting, drying and freezing so that I may enjoy the fruits of my labour longer in the year.  Here they are…

Herbs in the window

Herbs in my windowsill, some from seed, some bought as seedlings.

I am getting immense joy from them!

Well, happy gardening to you!


What are you thinking?