Wild Creative Soul’s Creativity Challenge 2017

Creating my own thing

Have you ever done a creativity challenge?

I don’t know about you but sometimes I need a kick in the butt!  I love being creative and challenging myself, especially at the beginning of the year when all is fresh and exciting, but to be honest I lose momentum and get lazy!

There are lots of ways to inspire yourself to get creative.  I did a quick Pinterest search and found a few ideas to challenge myself this year and purposefully be creative.  People are so clever and there are good ideas out there.  But nothing quite fit me!  I am not able to do a project weekly and because I am a crafter and “wanna be” artist, I decided that made me unique. I decided I needed to make my own Creativity Challenge!

The creativity challenge is vague… on purpose!  I don’t know what kind of art or crafts you do so I wanted this creativity challenge to give you (and me) room for blending your own style and mediums!  If you are a draw-er then draw. (Goodness, draw-er?  Is that even a word?) Are you a quilter?  Then quilt.  I wanted to try different things each month so the creativity challenge, for me, is likely to be done in many different ways each month!

Go at your own pace

My goal is to do the creativity challenge monthly, but… knowing me that may not always happen on time, especially if I take on something intensive.  So this is a go at your own pace challenge!  Do what you can, when you can. I will be! No rules, no pressure.  It’s meant to drive you, give you ideas but it should be fun!

I want to see it

Lastly, if you choose to participate, I want to see your lovely creations!  I will share too.  Follow me on Instagram or  Facebook and post using the hashtag #wildcreativechalleng2017. I can’t wait to see what you share!

So here it is!

Creativity Challenge 2017

Wild Creative Soul's Creativity Challenge 2017


Good luck.  I hope this makes you inspired and allows you to create things that are out of this world!  Make the best of 2017!



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