Create Something In Green…


Spring has finally sprung where I live and green is everywhere.  Although I should be careful about saying that with certainty!  We have been known to get snow into May some years.  But it seems finally the ground and the trees are alive.  Plants are starting to pop up in my new garden and will one day be flowers, but now they are leaves and stems of green.  The trees went from looking dead, to little buds of brown.  Then the next day pops of colour. In a blink of an eye they now finally have full on leaves of many shades. Our fall and spring and summer where I live (Northern Canada) are very short lived and spring seems to happen overnight!  I love to to watch it daily to see what will next spring into action.

This is what inspired me to “Create Something in Green” for April in the 2017 Wild Creative Soul’s Creativity Challenge (see post here). SPRING!!!

Create Something In Green

Awhile back I bought a whole box of Composition Notebooks that I was going to recover mainly with felted covers.  I was going to wet felt them or needle felt them. Lately though, I’ve been experimenting with mixed media stuff, paint, paper, ribbons buttons etc.  So today’s journal creation is green and made with a plethora of crafty things

Wild Creative Soul Journal Bloom where you are planted

A Journal in green inspired by Spring!

I must say – the picture does not do the colour justice.  It’s a vibrant green with loads of accents of different shades.  I painted and stencilled and addded some  paper flower accents and then of course added the green ties.  I really love this journal!

So there is my April submition for Wild Creative Soul’s Creativity Challenge!  What did you do in green?


PS  – Stay tuned for May which is to create something from your favourite book!  This is a tough one!

What are you thinking?