Christmas Gifts Update in January

Awkward Christmas Gifts

To give homemade Christmas gifts or not, that is the question.

I love the uniqueness of a homemade gift.  I also love the “imperfect”.  As an example, my mom is a potter.  She is making some amazing things but before she got “good”,  her work was unique and imperfect.  I loved it.  Things didn’t quite match, or was a bit crooked or thick.  But it was pretty and special because she had made it.

Almost all of my art/crafts are like that. I am learning and not particularly good at many crafts, but I love making things. Even when the end result isn’t as good as I hope.

But… do you give them as Christmas gifts?

For most people I’d say no, I wouldn’t give them gifts of my work because I don’t always know people’s tastes, and some people don’t like homemade things.  Even well crafted things.  I’m cool with that.

But my mom, she gets it! She is a creator too so she can easily accept the imperfections of a homemade Christmas gift.

It’s time to share

I had alluded to them briefly here in a post before Christmas and I can now finally share!

This was the original gift I had planned to give my folks.   I had bought this Shania Sunga Design kit from a local quilt store this summer.

Canada Geese pattern Homecoming

Shania Sunga Designs Homecoming

I loved it, and wanted to make it as a wall hanging.  Then in November I got the brilliant idea to make it for my parents as a Christmas gift.  They could use it as a wall hanging or table runner.  I think it turned out alright and was quite proud.

Quilted table runner

Finished project of Homecoming

Don’t look too closely though.  I have said this before and it still holds true, I am not very good yet at the actual machine “quilting”  part.  I can piece together a top like nobody’s business, but the actual quilting… yeah, not quite! I still think it looks fantastic.

Christmas Gift Two

The second Christmas gift was an add on and a happy accident.  I had been to Scotland earlier this year and although I didn’t see any, that is where highland cows come from!  I started needle felting this piece, more as an experiment then anything and was so happy with the results!  My mom has always loved “heeland coos” as she’s calls them, so I thought who better to appreciate my experiment!

Felted art cow

A felted art creation by Wild Creative Soul’s Erin Chenier

Isnt it cute?  I loved the texture and the “hairy” look she has! She is missing something now that I look at her more closely, but I am not going to tell you what it is.  If you can’t see it, then it can’t be too bad!

So there are my homemade Christmas gifts from last year.  I wonder if my dad feels shafted?  He would never say anything negative about them but they aren’t really his thing!  Maybe next year I’ll needle felt him some golf clubs!

Where do you stand on homemade Christmas gifts?



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