Christmas Gifts Update in January

Felted art cow

Awkward Christmas Gifts To give homemade Christmas gifts or not, that is the question. I love the uniqueness of a homemade gift.  I also love the “imperfect”.  As an example, my mom is a potter.  She is making some amazing … Continue reading

Screw ups and Other Updates

Mismatched seams on quilt

Have you ever had that one project that just sucked? I have.  I was so excited about this project because I stepped outside of the box and bought a stand alone pattern, and picked out the fabric myself.  Up until … Continue reading

Troubles with Math and Reading the Fine Print

I have exactly 5 days to get this Japanese Jigsaw Quilt (a Tracey Brookshier design) complete and in the mail to my sister in time for her birthday. I have mentioned in a previous post what a nightmare of a … Continue reading