Around the World Blog Hop

I was nominate recently by a friend to participate in the Around the World Blog Hop.

First off – What is Around the World Blog Hop?  Basically, it is a “Tag, your it” kind of blog.  Someone nominates you to participate – answer a few questions about why/how you create and then you tag someone yourself.

I was nominated by Anita of Daydreams of Quilts.  Anita and I have been following each other around the country (Edmonton AB, Oromocto NB, Wainwright AB).  Not on purpose – although it has been a happy coincidence – but because both our husbands serve with the same unit with the Canadian Armed Forces.  We always end up overlapping  in the same place eventually!  Anita is an amazing quilter – I would say professional quality – who has an ETSY shop to sell her amazing creations.  To top it all of she just became a mother for the 3rd time to a beautiful baby girl, to go with the son and daughter she already has.  Where she finds the time to create, never mind POST about, it is beyond me!  She is truly inspirational at it all.

So, imagine then, her asking me to participate in this Around the World Blog Hop!

At first I thought… she must have sent me the invite by mistake.  After all I am NOT a professional quilter!  I am not a even a professional “creator”.  But, after I figured out it was not a joke… I decided, what the hay! I can figure out how to answer a few questions about my creativity.  That is in fact why I wanted to blog in the first place!

Easier said than done I am afraid!  But here goes anyway.

1) What am I working on?

Too many to count!  And I want to do them all.

Too many to count! And I want to do them all.

The true question should be “What am I not working on”?  As I said in one of my lastest posts (read it here), is that I have too many projects all going on at the same time.  Part of being a “wild soul” is I sometimes lack focus… I end up starting things and never completeing them.  I don’t even stick to just ONE type of creating.  I quilt, crochet, cross stitch, card make, sew and write.  So to answer the question… I am working on everything.  I have a crochet wrap I am going to finish first I think because I want to wear it!  But when I read other blogs (like Daydreams of Quilts), I get inspired and want to stop what I am doing and quilt.  Then I read about NaNoWriMo coming up I want to stop my quilt and write!  See – I am a bit scattered!

2) How does my work differ from others?

To be honest – I don’t think it differs.  I don’t have a style yet… in my quilting or my writing or in anything really!  I just see something I like, or get an idea and do it!  And if I don’t know how, I learn.  I am going to guess that this is very similar to MOST other creators!  We do what makes us happy!

Maybe I will get my own style once I do this long enough… until then I am happy doing what I like!

This is a Japanes Jigsaw Quilt I mad for my sister a few years ago.

This is a Japanese Jigsaw Quilt I made for my sister a few years ago.

3) Why do I create what I do?

Hahaha!  Ahh – well this questions makes me laugh.  I wish I had a brilliant reason why I create what I do, but the truth is I don’t!

I choose quilts by pattern…  patterns I think are pretty!  I did this quite consciously at the beginning so that I only bought fabric for what I needed.  I knew to many fabric hoarders and thought I could avoid this!  I was wrong!  As it stands now, I have 2 totes of fabric with no “project” yet to go with them.

These are bursting full of fabric... not related to a project.

These are bursting full of fabric… not related to a project.

For writing I chose a Romance novel to write first because that is what I know best.  Do I love the novel? Yes!  Will I continue to write romance?  Yes!  But to be honest I have a wonderful idea for a dystopian fiction novel… they are all the rage right now.  Will I write it?  Uh… well maybe.

For crochet I choose a pattern mostly based on need – hence the  wrap I am creating now.  I wanted a wrap – so I am crocheting one.  I wanted a cat bed, I crocheted one!

Whirlwind crochet wrap

Found this on pinterest and the link led me here.

See the pattern to choosing my work?  I kind of just choose what feels right for the moment!

4) How does my creating process work?

Well this is tricky.  I work mostly from home these days.  I try to spend some time working on all my jobs – I have a few.  I tend to get on a kick with one thing – like creating and blogging about it, and then move on to the next – set up for the Storytime program I coordinate at the Public Library, etc.  This happens with my projects too… I tend to work on creating what feels right now, and then everything else fall by the way-side.  I don’t have a set plan and to be honest this gets me in plenty of trouble because I may spend oodles of time on one thing and not any on another!  In my opinion, all are equally important to me but I don’t tend to spend enough time on anything!

I am working on this though.  I have said a dozen times I am a work in progress!  I am hoping to solidify some sort of process… how I carve out time to do what I do and a method to get it done.  This is tough for me.  I think I am flighty and tend to only work on what is going well.  The harder projects sit on the back burner… So in actual answer to the question, how does my creating process work?  Well, it doesn’t.  Not yet!  But it will.

So that is it… all about me “creating”!

I now nominate…

1) Beginings In Writing I ran across this blog when I started blogging and writing.  That was the beauty of wordpress dot com sites… there was an easy way to get followers to your blog and make some connections (now that I moved to a dot org, I have lost that).  Anyway, I have never met him – he lives in the US, but we have chatted a few times on comments about getting work published!  I believe he is excited about the prospect and actively works toward that goal… where as me, I am scared to death about it!  I love his blog and you should check it out!  I contacted him via email to see if he would participate.  To date I haven’t heard back from him yet.  Hopefully he will still participate when he can!

2) Handmade by Hannah I also ran across this blog several years ago when I started blogging.  I like her style and her projects.  I have never met her – I believe she lives in the UK.  She does lots of different styles of projects and I like her stuff! I also did try to contact her via email so that she can participate, but at the time of writing this I haven’t heard back from her yet either.  Hopefully she will participate… I would love to hear more about her too!

3) Anyone else who creates!  I challenge you… if you write a blog about writing, about quilting, about singing, about anything creative, I want you to spend a few minutes looking at your creativity!  Let us all know what makes you tick!

I now urge you to google “Around the World Blog Hop” to find your inspiration!  I know I did!


6 thoughts on “Around the World Blog Hop

  1. Oh my gosh Erin! Thank you for the lovely things you said about me! 🙂 I enjoyed your post. Thank you for being a part of the blog hop. And no matter how much fabric you hoard… there’s always someone out there with more so you don’t have to feel guilty. LOL! 😉

  2. I’m pretty sure Anita is talking about me when it comes to fabric hoarding!! lol!! and she’s only seen partial pics on instagram 🙂 I really enjoyed your blog post and am following you via email. Fun!! (I don’t know if you’re interested, but you can add a bloglovin button to your site and people can follow that way, as well)
    X! Lori

    • Thanks for stopping by and following Lori! I will definately look you up on Instagram! I will also look into the bloglovin button! I am still figuring out the wordpress thing so hopefully it doesn’t take too long!

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