Aromatherapy Jewelry for Essential Oils

Essential Oils Love

As many of you know, I’ve been obsessed with my Young Living essential oils. I’ve even tried to write a blog about it in the past (with little success!). I had purchased an aromatherapy necklace one day not to far back and loved it!  I also remembered that I too make jewelry (duh) and so why not make some of my own Aromatherapy Jewelry!


I’ve been experimenting with a few ideas.  I am working on some bracelet designs with lava beads combined with regular beads or on silver chains.  The lava beads are porous so they hold the oil so you can smell the essential oil throughout the day.


I have also done some experimenting with lava beads and necklaces.  Both of these designs come to about mid chest length.

I also made this next necklace for myself quite some time ago.  It is a large charm that opens like a locket and I’ve inserted a piece of cotton quilt batting (although cotton facial pads would work too) that you put a drop or two of essential oils on.  I added a few charms that meant something to me and…voila!  Instant aromatherapy necklace!

Lovely isn to it?  I wear this necklace often.


Felted Jewelry?

My next idea is to somehow use some felted balls to add to my jewelry.  Wool would be a great absorbent material to add essential oils to.  Stay tuned for that!

PS This completes my Creativity Challenge 2017 entry for January #wildcreativechallenge2017.  This is something I can’t live without… my essential oils!  Check out the original post here

Until next time!


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