Another Wild Creative Soul Creativity Challenge Project

May 2017

Creativity Challenge 2017 is 1/2 over and I have certainly not done a project a month.  As a matter of fact today is all about May… which is really 3 months late!  But it’s creativity, and it doesn’t happen according to a calendar – or a clock for that matter!  The Creativity Challenge was really a way for me to keep creative, and to blog about it on a regular basis and although I don’t write once a month (or more) I am managing to create and blog somewhat regularly.  So YEA ME!

This Creativity Challenge was… Challenging

I don’t know why, but I thought “Create Something From your Favourite Book” would be easy!  I love to read… I love to write.  I figured this would be a piece of cake!  It wasn’t, it was a challenge!  And I will be 100% honest, I don’t remember reading Alice in Wonderland.  I know I did but I don’t remember it.  Of course I have recently seen the movies (and the old Disney one too) and I do like the story.  There was so many amazing quotes from it I figured it would be easy to come up with something interesting to create.

Mixed Media Journal

Alice in Wonderland Journal

I enjoying the mixed media “art”.  And I have dabbled a bit with creating journals too.  I love journaling and it seemed like a wonderful thing to create.  Paint, and embellishments, string and burlap.  All sorts of different textures and shapes.

Back of Alice in Wonderland Journal

A picture I found off the internet modge podged to the back of the journal.

So I started and finished most of this journal in May.  But it wasn’t complete and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it.  So it sat and sat!  I also couldn’t blog about it! Challenge it was because I DO NOT like to leave a project sitting too long. If i do, I am likely to never finish.

But finally I found a teapot stamp and drew a mushroom.  It finished the project and I am finally satisfied with my new Alice in Wonderland journal.

Close up of Journal

The drawn mushroom and stamped teapot. The final bits to complete the journal

Here is some details of the journal

So a challenge, yes!  But I have to say I do LOVE the final result!

Now… how do I catch up on June, July and August!!!  It’s going to be a busy few weeks!


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