Always Something New

A wild creative soul is a terrible and lovely thing!

I love what I can do already, and every time I make something I get a little better.  I am no where near professional level at anything, but I like to think I am getting there!

BUT, my wild creative soul loves learning new things.  While it allows me to say “I’ve done that” it doesn’t help me excel at ANYTHING!  Never the less, I may just in fact find my THING one day.  In the meantime, I will practice being NEW at everything!


I decided I wanted to learn a new skill so I taught myself to knit.  It was rather easy, I found a book at Michael’s chose some yarn and voila… I knit.  I am making a set of fingerless gloves which will be perfect for typing up my blog in the winter because my fingers get cold!  Here is the one I have completed.  Now on to number 2…

Not bad for a first timer!

WILD CREATIVE PROBLEM – I chose the wrong yarn for this project as a beginner.  When you are trying to decide what stitch to knit or purl in, yarn like this makes it difficult to stitch.  I managed, but if you look closely (which I always discourage) you can see where I may not have stitched through both pieces.  Good thing these are for me.


I love these… they were cheap easy to make home décor items using things I already had in the house.  I found the idea in GREEN CRAFT magazine (August 2015 edition).  I essentially wrapped burlap around plastic bags, then you are supposed to add jute around the top for the stem and to make pumpkin segments.  I didn’t have jute, and wanted to add some color on one of them so I used thin yarn in green for one stem and raffia for the other!  I think they are darling.

WILD CREATIVE SOUL PROBLEM – So, I had these lovely pumpkins displayed at the front door looking oh so fall like, when our new Saint Bernard puppy, Samson, decided they would be fun to grab and play with!  Here is the lovely Samson!  Yes, he is a puppy – 6 months old!  And yes, he is HUGE!

Samson, the Saint Bernard puppy.

Samson, the Saint Bernard puppy.


I went on a bit of a hike one afternoon while the kids were busy finishing up a summer camp.  I picked myself some bulrushes, some other strange looking weeds and then picked some wheat in a nearby field.  I sprayed it all down with Varathane and popped it in an antique milk jug that I paid far too much for a few years back.  I think it looks beautiful and will likely move into the front foyer where the pumpkins once stood!  The Saint Bernard Samson probably won’t chew it – I hope!

WILD CREATIVE SOUL PROBLEM – Did you know bulrushes grow in swampy water?  I knew that too, only forgot!  Ah well, what’s a little wet shoe for the sake of creativity!

So that is what’s new here at Wild Creative Soul.  I am working on some jewelry, but that is still too new to share at this point.  I am also trying to decide if I should get into Needle Felting, or Wet Felting.   I just love some of the art pieces I’ve seen, but I do not have a place to get supplies just yet so I can’t start that right now.  I went to Calgary recently and got a few other new projects to work on over the winter so stay tuned for them.

What are you working on?


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