A Crafty fall and Winter – latest crafts completed!

It’s been a busy few months and I can not say that I mind.  I have been making things for Christmas but I can’t show you any of those latest crafts and goodies YET.  But I have been by trying new things this fall that I can’t wait to share!

Learning a new Craft

Coming back to the city in August meant I could rejoin the spouse group for my husbands army unit.  Because of this I got to attend some of their latest craft events, the first one being a painted sign workshop taught by a friend of mine.  She used pallet wood – the more scuffed up the better and she showed us how to make a country rustic sign.

It was so fun, and if I had any room for more signs in my house I would start collecting mistints from the paint store! Think of what you could do for Christmas!! This one is rather plain, but I varathaned it and it now hangs beside my entrance door outside.  I loved doing this!

Painted wood

Welcome painted wood sign

Dream come true

The next event was a paint night, where they let you drink wine and paint.  Now I’ve probably mentioned before that I don’t draw or paint… never have.  I would have failed art in school if I had taken it, but I have always wanted to do a paint night.  Turns out I did ok… the wine helped immensely!

Painting from a paint night

The original is on the top… mine on the bottom

If you have never done one, you drink with friends and get instructions from an actual painter on how to create these pictures.  I was amazed at my work but even more stunned by the other ladies in the room!  Quite a show of skilled women!  I wasn’t sure what to do with mine once I brought it home, but my youngest daughter insisted that I hang in her room, so I did!

Taking an idea and running with it

But what paint night really did for me was inspire me to create a needle felted piece of the same picture!  I totally love it and have since mounted it on canvas too.

Needle felting and painting

My needle felted piece is on top and my painting on the bottom

So those are the latest crafts (dare I call them art?) that I wanted to share!  Stay tuned in late December or early January for the crafts I can’t share yet!  I am hugely proud of some of the stuff I have done!


PS I hope your holiday season is WONDERFUL!




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