2015 Goal setting

As promised awhile ago, here is a look at my goal setting for 2015!

Some of you may be saying “but Erin it is already February!  Isn’t this to be done in late December or early January?”

My answer to that is maybe…

I did fill out my workbooks in January but I think that goal setting can be done anytime you want to move forward in your life, set goals and hopefully see results!

I have never really formally set goals for a year before. I vaguely plan out some things I’d personally like to accomplish, mainly in my head, but nothing formal and nothing on paper.

At the end of 2014 I was feeling a bit lost.  Not unhappy, just feeling un-productive in my home life, with my Doula business, and with my creativeness!  I had lots of training/education (mostly self study) in a lot of things, but I was not producing any fruit.  My home life was feeling stale, my business was stuck, and creatively speaking, I was creating nothing!

So I decided at the beginning of the new year that I should formally do some goal setting.  What did I want to see happen this year? I played around researched on Google and Pinterest ways to set some goals.  I wanted it to be simple but fun and it definitely needed to speak to my wild soul.

And I found it!!

Enter Leonie Dawson!

What a fun an amazing lady! I have never met her but I loved her from the instant I saw her webpage! She has these fantastic, well priced, goal setting workbooks that can be used electronically or in hard copy form (see them here). I bought the Life and the Business combo because I needed both.

Front Cover 2015 Workbook!

Look… Fun, colourful, and creative!


Let me just say they are fantastic!I filled them both out on Adobe reader and then printed out my Life Workbook because I wanted to keep it fluid.  I can and will add to it as needed!  The books were functional but creative looking… And in the process of filling them out, I became inspired by the goal setting I was doing!  Here are some more pictures of my Life Workbook.


Things to celebrate!

Things to celebrate!


Keeping track of the "little"things that don't seem significant... But are!

Keeping track of the “little”things that don’t seem significant… But are!


The start of my 100 things I'd like to do this year.

The start of my 100 things I’d like to do this year.


What would your theme or sacred word be for this year?

What would your theme or sacred word be for this year?


The best part?  Follow -up!  How else do I (or you) expect to have good outcomes without the follow up!  This is an example of ways to check periodically throughout the year to stay on track!

A space to review the month and refocus for the upcoming month!  Essential!

A space to review the month and refocus for the upcoming month! Essential!


Check Leonie’s website.  She is fun, funny, a bit of a wild soul (like me!) and I was quite inspired. She has quite a few other products too that look quite interesting!  When I get a chance to check them out I will tell you all about them!

So that is it for me and goal setting!  It is not too late for you to plan out the rest of your year (or month or week)! I will keep you posted with my progress!



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