Screw ups and Other Updates

Mismatched seams on quilt

Have you ever had that one project that just sucked? I have.  I was so excited about this project because I stepped outside of the box and bought a stand alone pattern, and picked out the fabric myself.  Up until … Continue reading 

Sewing Troubles

Hand built by Wild Creative Soul

Sewing troubles!  Man, do I have sewing troubles! It all started on a lovely Saturday morning.  Because I decided to “goal plan” this year and with the help of my lovely 2015 Workbooks from Leonie Dawson (see post here) I created … Continue reading 

2015 Wild Creative Soul Style

Well I’ve been quiet here at Wild Creative Soul for the past few months.  The holidays have come and gone and I was feeling unsatisfied with how my 2014 ended!  Nothing tragic… just life!  I wasn’t sure how to continue being creative, writing about it and still enjoy it.   I contemplated hanging up my blogging hat and just continuing to create at my own leisure when the muse struck.

Then I looked back at why I created this blog to begin with.  I needed a way to keep myself motivated. I have always had a creative soul but would easily let my life get in my way of executing it.  This blog was my way of keeping it on the forfront of my brain… to keep me thinking about it and celbrating the creative things around me.

So, I will not hang it all up but refocus my efforts here in 2015.

I have done some goal planning with ALL of my ventures (personal, creative, business etc).  This was meant to be a productive but somewhat boring project, but turned out to be a wonderfully creative process and in my next blog post I will show you why and how!  (HINT – I found a lovely book online from a crazy… funny… lovely Austrailian lady! Stay tuned and I will show you more next post!)

So long story short… I am challenging myself to continue my blog (s) and share my “creative – ness”.  And who knows, maybe this year will be the year I make it GROW!


Watch things grow!

Watching the spring mix plant grow brings hope for my 2015 year!


Top Secret Projects

I decided I needed to work on some projects for Christmas.  I would like to share this experience with all of you but… as the person/people I am making them for make up the majority of followers for this blog I decided I best not reveal too much.  But I think I will document my work and then post after the fact because I am finding some of the work challenging and fun!

Top Secret Projects Ahead

Top Secret Projects Ahead

The first secret project is a sewing project.  Not a quilting one, but a sewing project!   I am not a sewer, seamstress!  Technically I CAN sew but I am not very good at it.  For some reason quilting doesn’t count.  So this could be an expensive mistake.  I drove half an hour out-of-town, spend and hour and a half hunting down the perfect fabric, thread and other tools required (no comment on how much I spent!), drove a half and hour home, started cutting the fabric and realized I may have bitten off more than I can chew!  Here is the fabric I chose… I love it and hope I have leftovers to use for something else too!

The new fabric for my secret sewing project.

The new fabric for my secret sewing project.

The  2nd project is a quilting project.  It was an impulse buy at the fabric store where I bought the above fabric and I am really looking forward to starting this one.  BUT I made myself a deal, if I want to work on this I have to finish the sewing project.  No sneak peek pictures of this one for you… I don’t want to give it away.

I also have a 3rd secret project that I have had in my “stash” of projects for a long time.  It is also a quilting project but also an applique project.  I am pretty new to the applique thing so it could be interesting.  No sneek peak of this one either.

With any luck, I will have all three secret projects ready for Christmas!

With even more luck, I will have them finished for THIS Christmas!

So I ask you to wish me (more) luck!

What are you working on for Christmas?


photo credit: Peter E. Lee via photopin cc

2nd photo is mine!